Insurtech solutions

We seek to integrate modern technological innovations to offer fast, efficient and tailored real estate appraisal and claims settlement solutions.

Claim Settlement with Video Inspection

A simple and customer-friendly way to settle claims. This technological innovation increases our responsiveness, providing a real customer experience in a properly controlled way. During the pandemic, it has ensured the smooth provision of claim settlement services. By contacting the customer online, the claim can be settled without the need to download any application. The assessor and the claimant do not need to be in the same place physically, only in time.
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Space Technology Integration

Data from the Sentinel satellites launched by the European Space Agency are used on a daily basis for the assessment and settlement of agricultural insurance claims. Through our integrated systems using data from satellite observations, we continuously educate the market and make the results of this field of science available. By doing so, we help to broaden our partners' horizons, while the processing of satellite data has become a cornerstone of our effective operations.

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Real-time claim settlement

Our real-time service includes an on-site (physical) survey to determine the extent of the damage. If all the necessary information is available, a calculated amount of compensation will then be automatically paid to the claimant within minutes, facilitating fast claims settlement and an outstanding customer experience.
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The service enables the detection of frost, water and heat using IoT sensors, which can be communicated to our customers on their mobile phones even when they are not at home, allowing to take immediate action. This can prevent or significantly reduce frost, water and fire damage.
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