Settlement of agricultural claims

We carry out surveys of damaged crops on behalf of insurance companies and other clients. We will send the completed claim file together with the claim calculation to our customers after obtaining all the necessary and available supporting documents.

As a unique player in agricultural claim settlement, our company has created GeoRisk, a tool based on satellite photography, in collaboration with Envirosense Ltd.

  • Satellite images of Hungary (MEPAR block level) are available with updates every 5 days.
  • As a result, we obtain a true picture of any yield loss or damage to the crop.
  • The system is linked to the weather forecast database of Időkép, so we are immediately informed of critical weather events affecting the area.

01 Notifying a Claim

Please, make sure you notify your claim to the competent insurance company.

When notifying a claim, please make sure you provide your contact details (particularly your mobile phone number or your e-mail address) so that our expert can arrange an appointment with you for the damage survey/claim settlement.

The competent insurance company will record the claim and place an electronic order with Atotal Insurtech Kft to survey the loss or damage.

If you have valid insurance coverage, please contact your insurer for information on how to make a claim.

02 Damage Survey

During the settlement of agricultural insurance claims, the assessment of the damage always requires an on-site survey.

Upon receipt of the order to survey the claim, we will try to contact you within 1 working day. After confirming the time and place of the survey with you, the damage will be inspected within three working days.

In the event of loss or damage, please take all the necessary measures to prevent further damage until the expert arrives, but if possible do not change the condition of the damaged area. Do not harvest damaged crops. Our experts are not authorized to settle claims on the basis of a sample plot only.

During the survey, our expert will take photographs, use a drone optimized for agriculture, and assess the extent of the occurrence on the basis of satellite images.

03 Claim Calculation

Upon receipt of the necessary documentation for the settlement of the claim, and particularly on the basis of the on-site inspection, our expert will prepare a payment recommendation to the insurance company based on the following possible sources.

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04 Recommended Payment

Our expert will make a payment recommendation to your insurer based on what has been revealed on the spot and what is recorded in the report, as well as pursuant to the applicable policy conditions.

The remaining steps of the claim settlement process, such as the assessment of the legal basis, the commitment to payment and the payment of damages shall be the right and obligation of the insurance company.

Please note that all amounts of damages calculated by us are indicative and the insurance company may adjust the amount in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy and upon consideration of other circumstances (e.g. previous claims).

The completed claim files are sent to the insurance company in electronic form and by post in hard copy. For further information about the payment, please contact your insurer and refer to the claim reference number.

05 Documents required to be submitted include:

The documents required for the assessment of your claim may include:

  • Notification of changes in livestock
  • Authority certificate
  • Statement on recycling
  • Premium adjustment appendix

Legal background to agricultural insurance claims settlement

Act LXXXVIII of 2014 on the Business of Insurance
2013. Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code

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